Poetry pleasure in every glass

We resolved to share one of the best things we have in our country: Spanish wine, and we wanted to do it in our particular way: With love, passion and always going one step further.

What is wine for us?

POETRY is when words are combined with each other without any logical meaning but at the same time, they get much more meaning than WORDS themselves.


WINE is when grapes are combined with each other without any logical meaning but at the same time, they get much more meaning than the GRAPES themselves.



Indulge in the excellence of April Cava BRUT, crafted with a meticulous blend of MACABEO, XAREL·LO, PARELLADA, and CHARDONNAY grapes. Aged on lees for a minimum of FIFTEEN MONTHS, this cava offers a sophisticated flavor profile — dry yet unwavering, fresh, and ELEGANTLY nuanced. Delight in its FINE BUBBLE, accompanied by notes of crisp citrus and subtle hints of yeast and confectionery. Elevate your moments with the refined taste of April Cava Brut.

Calalunya, Spain
D.O. Penedés
Our process begins with the separate harvest and vinification of each grape variety. Through cold paste, pressing, and the meticulous selection of musts, we initiate the alcoholic fermentation. The magic happens during the second fermentation in the bottle, where a blend of different wines comes together to create the distinctive character of April Cava Brut. This careful process ensures the harmonious balance and sophisticated flavor profile that defines our exceptional sparkling wine.

Colour: Pale yellow with a rosary of fine bubbles and a perfect crown formation.
Aroma: Notes of citrus and freshness with a faint hint of yeast and confectionery.
Palate: Good palate, dry but perfectly balanced, offering a fresh and elegant taste experience.

Food Pairing

Fatty dishes. Bitter or soft flavors. White meat. Lamb. Rice. Fish. Sushi. Foiegras

Serving temperature: 6-8ºC


Savor the essence of April Cava ROSÉ, meticulously crafted with a precise blend of GRENACHE, PINOT NOIR, and TREPAT grapes. Aged on lees for a minimum of NINE MONTHS, this cava unveils a YOUTHFUL, fruity, and soft flavor profile. Experience the finesse of its FINE BUBBLE formation, culminating in a remarkably elegant cava. Elevate your celebrations with the vibrant taste of April Cava Rosé.

Calalunya, Spain
D.O. Penedés

Our meticulous process begins with the separate harvest and vinification of three distinct grape varieties. Employing a cold paste technique, we directly press the grapes and limit skin contact to a maximum of 3 hours, ensuring the extraction of the desired essence. The selected musts undergo fermentation, and subsequently, the three wines are artfully blended for the second fermentation in the bottle. This careful orchestration results in the creation of April Cava Rosé, characterized by its vibrant color, fruity notes, and elegant effervescence.


Colour: Pale currant with bluish tones. Fine bubble formation and a persistent crown.
Aroma: Intense red fruit such as cherries, blackberries with a background of plum jam and figs.
Palate: It continues to be young, fruity, fresh, soft, and above all, very elegant.

Food Pairing

Pairs with: Croquettes, Soft white fish, Pasta, Red fruit salads Carpaccio, Creamy soft cheeses, Sweet cakes

Serving temperature: 6-8ºC

Poetry pleasure

Uncork joy with April Cava, where each bottle reveals a crafted poem, turning moments into memories. Our verses complement the essence of each cava variety, adding a touch of poetry to every sip. Immerse yourself in the charm of carefully written words, making toasting to life, love, and friendship a unique experience.

Select April Cava, and with each unique bottle, discover the added delight of receiving a fashionable bracelet. This elegant accessory serves as a tangible memento, a constant reminder of the joy and camaraderie shared during these special occasions.

Elevate every moment with April Cava: where every bubble whispers a tale

Your lover is not a fair.
The moon is jealows of
your colored eyes.
The sun is afraid of
your shining skin.
The sand is melting for not
being like your freckles.
The wind is deflating for not
dancing as you do.
The sea is drowing in
the depths of your gaze.
The fire is burning in
the red of your hair.
If you love me, blow away.

There´s a legend that says,
when the sky cries stars
and an unusual breeze moves
the air, an angel appears in
the shape of a woman.
Her hair is soft and silky
that when you weave your
hands through it, you feel like
you are caressing the wind,
and her skin is so pure that
there´s an aura that prevents
you from touching it.
There´s a legend,
and that legend says
God was actually a woman.

Who is behind the scene

Welcome to the world of Vino en Verso, where art, creativity, and a shared passion for wine converge. We are Cristian and Jorge, not just founders but kindred spirits bound by a deep friendship. While Jorge, PhD in chemistry and based in Amsterdam, imparts knowledge to eager minds, Cristian, a creative force and avid writer, resides in the vibrant city of Madrid.

Distance was getting weak our connection, so we decided to dream together and that is how April was born under V&V, not just as a destination but as a joyful journey. The goal? To share one of the finest treasures of our country – Spanish wine. The way? Through our intrinsic values: love, passion, and always pushing boundaries. The result? Intertwine artistic illustrations, the art of winemaking, and the magic of poetry.

Wine is the only drinkable artwork. This quote encapsulates perfectly our philosophy. Dream with us on this adventure where every bottle tells a story, and every sip creates a bond.


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